THC Resin Chocolate Bar (300mg)


THC Resin Chocolate Bar (300mg)


Are you ready to elevate your edibles game to a whole new level? Look no further than Frosted’s Delta 9 THC chocolate bars! Indulge in the smooth and decadent taste of our chocolate squares, each infused with 150mg of dispensary-grade Delta 9 THC and 150mg of USA-grown CBD. With every bite, you’ll experience a full-body and mind adventure that is truly unforgettable.

But that’s not all – our chocolate bars are also infused with cannabinoid-rich Resin for a full spectrum body tingling experience like never before. Crafted with precision and potency in mind, our THC Resin will deliver an intense and transformative high that will leave you craving more.

Don’t settle for ordinary edibles when you can experience the extraordinary with Frosted’s Delta 9 THC chocolate bars. Treat yourself to a unique and enjoyable journey with every bite. Upgrade your edible game today!


  • Specially-formulated, fast-acting Delta 9 THC edible
  • Dispensary-grade
  • NO hemp taste
  • Non-GMO
  • 15mg Delta 9 THC per chocolate square
  • Potent & long-lasting
  • Made from 100% USA-grown hemp
  • Farm Bill Compliant: <0.3% Delta 9 THC

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