Hometown Hero – All Natural THC Live Rosin Gummies


Hometown Hero – All Natural THC Live Rosin Gummies

Are you ready to explore the next level of THC edibles? Introducing your new favorite bundle, the All Natural THC Live Rosin Gummies. Each strain is crafted to provide a unique flavor profile and distinct effects, perfect for the discerning cannabis connoisseur. Within the categories of these 250mg gummies, there are specific strains that offer a variety of flavors and properties that cater to different preferences and needs.

Product Details:


Total THC Content: 250mg per pack

Gummy Content: 25mg of THC

Quantity: 10 gummies per pack

Flavorful Strains:

  • Northern Lights (Indica): Immerse yourself in the classic taste of Northern Lights, featuring a sweet pine aroma with subtle peppery undertones.
  • Blueberry-Grandaddy Purple (Indica): Experience the juicy sweetness of blueberries complemented by a delicate floral backdrop, making each bite a delectable treat.
  • Gelato (Hybrid): Enjoy the earthy and mellow notes of Gelato, enhanced by smooth, fruity undertones for a balanced and flavorful experience.
  • Blue Dream (Sativa): Savor the herbal and fruity highlights of Blue Dream, accented with a refreshing light citrus kick that energizes your palate.

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