3CHI – HHC Gummies – Orange Dreamsicle


3CHI – HHC Gummies – Orange Dreamsicle

Experience the blissful effects of premium HHC gummies, meticulously crafted with 3CHI’s renowned HHC oil. Each bite promises to transform your day, providing a sensation only achieved through this exceptional HHC product.

Product Highlights:

Award-winning potency HHC gummies

Flavor: Orange Dreamsicle

HHC Content – Pack:  400mg

HHC Content – Gummy: 25mg

Units per Pack: 16

Type of Container: Resealable mylar bags

Vegan and cruelty-free, containing no animal gelatin

Crafted from 100% organic hemp grown in the USA

Farm Bill compliant with less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC

Experience the Effects:

Users commonly report an energetic and euphoric feeling with HHC, often likened to a balanced midpoint between Delta 8 THC and Delta 9 THC. Enjoy the uplifting sensation without the typical effects associated with Delta 9.


  • Glucose Syrup
  • Sugar
  • Distilled Water
  • Pectin
  • Natural and Artificial Flavors
  • Natural and Artificial Colors
  • Citric Acid
  • Hemp Oil
  • Sodium Citrate

Dosage Guidelines:

For new users, start with half a gummy to gauge your tolerance. Remember, it’s easier to take more later than to deal with an overwhelming experience. Carefully measure your dose and wait at least 2 hours before considering additional consumption.

Product contains a total Delta-9 THC concentration that does not exceed 0.3% on a volume basis. 

*For adult use only. Keep out of reach of children. The product is not intended to prevent, diagnose, or treat any disease. Consult your doctor before use.

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